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High Pressure Autoclave

High Pressure Autoclave


“STERICLAVE” is the most reliable autoclave for all application requiring, total destruction of all living micro-organism, in laboratories, Hospitals, Nursing Home, R&D Labs etc. it is used to sterile equipment by subjecting them to high pressure saturated steam at 1210 C Construction

Triple Walled with separate steam jacket and Steam Generator.

Inner chamber and steam jacket are made with SS-304. Heavy gauge SS Sheet with leak proof argon Arc Welding.

  • The Autoclave is single door made heavy duty SS-304.
  • Over all autoclave is hydraulically tested to withstand pressure up-to 40 psi.  Mounted on Tubular steel frame with ground leveling screwed flanges.
  • The space between jacket and inner wall is filled with high density glass wool to minimize the heat losses.
Steam Generator
  • Made with heavy gauge SS-304 Sheet.
  • Fitted with flanged immersion type heaters at the back.
  • Also fitted with low water level indicator and auto cutoff device to protect the heaters from burning out dry.
  • Fitted with water level indicator, water inlet and water outlet valve.4
Digital Temperature & Pressure Control

The “PIEZOSTATE” (Pressure Control Device) is incorporated in the unit as it economies on power consumption and reduces the frequent opening of the steam release valve and thus prevents the release of steam in the room, the cuts off the power supply to heaters when the set pressure is achieved and re- energies the heating elements when pressure is falls below the set points. To show set temp/set time/ actual temp/and buzzer alarm after completion of cycle. Temp. Sensor PT 100.

Door Seafty

Autoclave has hinged self radial locking single piece thick SS-304 plate door and cannot be opened when under pressure. The self locking device automatically disengages the piston mechanism when the autoclave is under pressure. Provide Silicon Joint less Gasket.

Single Point Control

All function is control from a “HR-8” advance computer control system, it maintain the Temperature and Pressure, having data logging, printing the data, it control the all solenoid valve on operation time, it provide efficient performance. A moisture traps is fitted in the chamber discharge line to absorb the condensate automatically to prevent moistening of the subject matter to be sterilized. Automatic vacuum breaker is provided to break vacuum in case of formation of vacuum due to steam condensation.

Switch and Control Panel

All function is control a high efficautoclave sterilizer1ient CRCA MS Control panel it houses the Main Switch, Indicator, Lamps, Relays Etc. mounted stand beside the Autoclave for Easy Operation. Works on 440 Volts AC 50 Hz.