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Hermetically sealing doors

Hermetically sealing doors

These doors are specifically designed for hospitals and clinics. Immensely admired for their flawless finish, compact design, light weight and sturdy construction, these Hermetically Sealing Sliding Doors are specially designed for use in the environments such as Operation Theater, Clean rooms and other areas. As standards each MTEL door has the quality, ease of control and durability for modern clean environments.

To maintain sterility and the correct air pressure in the room, all doors into and out should be of the sliding, hermetically sealing type. The door should meet following specifications:

Meets international quality & safety requirements. Doors should be wired to the current IEE regulations & BS7971 standard Motor should be DC 24V 70 W brush less DC Motor Noise level of movement should not be more then 60 decibel. Controller should be microprocessor based and be CE marked. Power efficiency should be .95 (in AC 100V full load). The track should be made up of single piece extruded aluminum. Environment temperature should be -20°C to +55°C. Starting time should be able to regulate from .5 second to 23 second & starting speed should be 600 mm per second.